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21 January
United States
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why hello! welcome! here I will be posting my graphics & icons, as well as my personal journal. I always like meeting new people, so feel free to add me! :)

when I make icons, I am all about quality over quantity.

credit- by doing it like so:

seriously, if I see my icons not being credited and everywhere on the net, I will have to make this locked and friends only. which would suck...

comment- you don't have to, but I enjoy reading the feedback & it definitely makes my day. it also lets me know who is liking my stuff & who's not. constructive criticism is also appreciated.

do not hotlink-please upload my icons to an image hosting site.
for example: photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, etc. there's tons out there. now don't be a lazy ass & hotlink.

hope you enjoy!